Communicate with VoIP Telfon App

The telfon is a B2B & B2C online solution that can help operate efficiently on internal grounds as well as with international clientele and team.

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One step setup

It is very easy to get on to the platform. A user has to do a login, put SID, & add a Twilio token to get started in the app.

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SMS broadcasting

A user can strategise to broadcast messages at once to the target audience. It is a great feature to boost a sales & marketing campaign.

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Chrome extension

You can add the extension to your chrome browser & reach potential clients from email, websites, and more.

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Call record

Automated call recordings and voice notes. Review and keep track of the conversation securely.

We can customize it for you!

Get your own omnichannel for communicating with the potential customers and team members across the globe. Impart a personal experience flexibly to your audience with their preferred channels. A VoIP solution to organize your approach to reach the customers and have a good future business and partnership.

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Intuitive UI/UX

Our software is made in a very simple way in which you as a user can act in their most natural and instinctive ways. It is all that you know of communication under one roof!

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VoIP solution

A robust and secure tech stack to protect your clientele data from digital theft. Also, it is the most secure communication network on the internet.

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User-friendly features

Chrome extension, SMS broadcast, voice calls & recordings, Whatsapp, etc. We can customize other communication channels as per your business needs.

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Great support team

We have your back 24*7. Our Telfon team is at your rescue with every query and customization. The experts maintain and manage your online venture at ease.

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Our Software

Engage Customers in the Most Interactive Ways!

Enhance your customer and team engagement experience with Telfon. One just has to rope into the Telfon app and make an account. After signing-in, add your Twilio SID and Token. Redefine your digital communication with our VoIP app. Build unbreakable, long-term relationships with your customers and team across the globe. Transform your business communication!

We Offer

Immersive & Easy-to-Use Features

Telfon- The Twilio Dialer software has a lot to offer. You can blend the communication tool as per your requirements. It is a great salesforce to help boost your clientele ROI & strengthen your future collaboration with the best mass.

  • Marketing done right with the solution.
  • Add as many communication channels you want.
  • Get expert support at your fingertips
  • Stay ahead of your competitors.

App Screenshot

Take a sneak peek into the world of seamless communication with our cutting-edge app. Find a collection of app screenshots, highlighting the key features that make Telfon stand out from the crowd.