Broadcasting Steps

1. Create a Twilio Account

  • Click on + icon to open Create Broadcast Page
  • Give a title to your campaign or broadcast.
  • Add a description to define the title’s purpose.
  • Compose the main message you want to send to all users.

2. Upload User List:

  • Select a file (xlsx or csv format) containing a list of user numbers.
  • Ensure that the sheet matches the sample sheet headers provided. Verify the sheet to confirm alignment.
  • Check sample sheet.

3. Sending Messages:

  • Once the user list and message are set, initiate the broadcast.
  • The message will be sent to all users on the uploaded list.

4. Room Creation:

  • After sending the message, a room will be created containing all the contacts/users involved in this broadcast.
  • This facilitates future communication with the same group of users.

Additional Tips:

  • Double-check the message content before sending to ensure accuracy and correctness.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations regarding messaging and data privacy.
  • Keep the user list and message content up-to-date for effective communication.
  • Explore scheduling options if there’s a need to time the message delivery for a specific date or time.

Remember, these steps might vary slightly based on the specific interface and features of the platform or application you’re using, but this general outline should help you get started with broadcasting messages to multiple users.