Sign Up

1. Create a Twilio Account

  • If you do not have a Twilio account, tap here to create one. This will redirect you to a web page for the Twilio sign-up process.

2. Complete Twilio Sign-Up

  • Furnish the requisite information to create your Twilio account, including your email and password. Follow the provided prompts to finalize the sign-up.

3. Verify Your Email

  • Upon signing up, check your email for a verification link from Twilio. Click on the link to confirm and verify your email address.

4. Log In to Twilio

  • Once your email is verified, log in to Twilio using the credentials you recently created.

5. Retrieve Twilio SID and Auth Token

  • Within the Twilio dashboard, locate your account SID and Auth Token. These credentials are typically displayed on the main dashboard after logging in.

6. Copy SID and Auth Token

  • Copy both your account SID and Auth Token from Twilio, as these will be required for subsequent registration on the Telfon app. Ensure secure storage.

7. Return to the App

  • Return to the Telfon app and paste the copied Twilio Account SID and Auth Token into the provided fields.

8. Tap “Next”

  • After entering the Twilio credentials, tap the “Next” button within the app.

9. Select the Twilio Number

  • f you have connected your Twilio account, choose a number from the available options. Ensure you have purchased a Twilio number beforehand. If not, then follow the next steps.

10. Navigate to “Phone Numbers” in the Twilio Dashboard

  • In your Twilio dashboard, find and click on the “Phone Numbers” section.

11. Choose “Buy a Number” or “Get Started”

  • Look for an option such as “Buy a Number” or “Get Started” to procure a new Twilio phone number. Click here

12. Select Country and Number Type

  • Specify the country for your Twilio number and select the desired type (e.g., Local, Toll-Free).

13. Filter and Browse Available Numbers

  • Twilio will present a list of available numbers based on your criteria. Utilize filters to narrow down your options.

14. Choose a Number

  • Select a suitable number by clicking on it.

15.  Add to Cart and Confirm

  • Place the selected number in your cart and follow the confirmation process. Comply with any additional prompts to finalize the purchase.

16. Return to the App

  • Return to the Telfon app and tap the refresh icon to update the number list. And select your number.

17. Let’s get started!

  • You have successfully configured your Telfon app. Let’s dive into all the fantastic features it has to offer.

Thank you for choosing Telfon